Friday, 15 February 2019


At lunchtime I went to play rippa rugby on the field first we put on the tags and then Sally put us in a team. And the first game was pink and purple vs and Najari went to go dive for the try and then my
team went on and we lost to purple.

After that pink lost and when my team went on I tried on the purple team the purple team was not undefeated then we vs the pink team and we beat the pink team and then we vs purple team and we gas them.Then we got undefeated. After that we got beaten from the pink team then the bell went just be for we finished then we went
back to class to learn.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Thank you Tip Top

Thank you Tip Top for the best ice cream in the world. And pt England school loved the ice cream.
 I liked the green pat.

There Future Teacher

Year 4/5 Classroom Teacher
Pt England School
New Zealand

Dear Future Teacher,
hi my name is Bronson and if you not no me i have two sisters and there name is Brooklyn and Bryana. And my culture is Tonga and Niue i focus better when it quiet and i like to do sports with the class.
Love from Bronson.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

fraction picture

i have made a bird and a dog.
my picture uses 3 circles in my picture.
my picture uses 3 full circles.
my picture uses 3 half circles.
my picture uses 0 quarter circles
my picture uses 8 eighth circles. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Design a Tile

Make a tile that fits the following maths ideas.

  • Alternate the small squares around the outside of the tile.
  • Place the triangles and rectangle in the centre of the tile.

What is the perimeter of a small square? 20cm

What is the area of the yellow rectangle? 50cm

How many small squares do you need for the tile? 12

How many triangles are the same size as one rectangle?2

How many small squares fit in side of the rectangle?2