Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Cross Country

On Friday we had cross country and I Was very scared because it was going to be a long race. First it was the year one boys suddenly it was building up to my year after that I felt so nervous.Then it was my turn to race as Mr Burt said set then he clasped the clapper then i dashed a cross the field then i started to jog. After that we went outside to the reserve then we sprinted to the finish lien.Finally i felt so exhausted then i went over to get a water finish i felt so joyful

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Copy of bronson Rarotonga Bus Timetable

If the bus left Cook’s Corner at 3pm, what time did it reach Muri Beach?

If Miss King left the Crown Beach resort at 5:42, How long was her trip to Mini Golf?

7 minutes
How long does it take to get from Muri Beach to Takitimu School on the Anti-Clockwise bus?

8 minutes
How many minutes is the Supermarket from the Airport on the Clockwise route?

3 minutes
How long does it take to get from the Whitesands Villas to Mini Golf on the Clockwise Route?

10 minutes
How long does it take from the Airport to the Supermarket on the Clockwise Route?

3 minutes
Is Muri Beach closer to Takitimu School or the Whitesands Villas?

Whitesands villas
How many minutes did it take Miss King to get to her Crown Beach Resort from the Airport?

7 minutes
How long does each bus wait at Cook’s Corner Terminal for before starting the route again?

20 minutes
Is it quicker to use the Anti-Clockwise or Clockwise Route to get to Takitimu School from the Airport?

Clockwise Rout


Today the block went outside to play on the park  and we added three balls  and the game was called elimination tag. As i sprinted a cross the park it felt like a cheetah because a tagger was be hind me.Then i got tag by Bryston  then i went on the side lien.Then Exodus catch  the ball for me on a full then i jump into the game after that I've catch the ball then i pick Mr Moran to come into the game suddenly Marius was the winner  but Marius had fell.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Copy your sentences from your book into the boxes below.


As i was eating hot food my tung was burning.


When i was outside it was so freezing cold.


Rarely does the block do maths everyday.

Feelings - Sad

As my friends were being mean to me and i felt distraught.

Feelings - Happy

One day my mum bought some food for me and i was pleased.


When the dog were racing they galloped to the finish.


As i went to the pool i went on the gigantic slide.


When a boy was singing he yelled out the song.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Poly Strong Challenge

On Monday the block  did the ploy strong challenge. After that  we got dressed up in to the lava  lava and the lei.First we got in to our first dance and it was so cool. Step  two  we went to a another place then the song said talofa. Then step three it said a Fiji woad and the song said a cookislad woad. Finally we put the ploy strong challenge onto our blog.