Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Santa gets sick

Once upon a time there was a bigl fat man and his name  was Santa and  his tiny little reindeer and  they lived in the North pole and it was very snowy. 

One day Santa was making all of the cool presents for the kids.

First Santa went to bed before he gives the presents to all of the kids.

Next it was time to give the presents to the kids but then Santa got sick but then Santa tells his helpers to do his job for him. 

Then they gave presents to the kids,  it 1 kid got up and said “ where is Santa”. Then the helpers said “ he is sick” and he gave a card to Santa. 

Finally Santa got better and they all had a party. 

Monday, 25 September 2017


Last week at school Room15 designed cool Maori art around the native NZ bush. 

First we got a pencil and designed my beautiful colours and it was green brown and blue and coloured my art in and ms Eaid gave us a black paper and and stuck my picture on After that I decorated my art with green glitter.

 Next I wrote a Maori Lagend about Maui and kiwi and I went on google to get my back gound and I drew my characters then I animated my story.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Maui and Kwi

Once upon a time there lived a cool boy called Maui and his friend kiwi. They lived in a nz Bausch with yellow flowers and red flowers and it was so beautiful.

One  beautiful day Maui and his kiwi got up and jamped into their amazing waka.they set off to their fishing to their secret Island.

First Maui said to his kiwi run"for your life" Then Maui got his hook  and killed the Taniwha.

Finally Maui and  kiwi got in their waka and went fishing. Then they they got home and ate the fish with they family and told them all about their adventure with the Taniwha.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Max and James

Once upon a time there was a brave boy and his name was max and he had a cool dog and his name was James and they lived in two enormous castle. One day max went to play with his dog James and max was surprised that James could talk.First max went in the castle. Next max saw spooky ghosts. Then max got his army and they got they giant guns and killed thee ghost. After they killed the ghosts max said"to his army that James can talk. Finally max and James had a party and went to sleep.

Monday, 11 September 2017